CHIC Group Global Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai in 1997 to become an entrepreneurial leader in China's rapidly growing economy. In the earlier years, CHIC Group focused on three industry sectors in China: supply chain management solutions and logistics, domestic manufacturing and high-technology industries. Consistent with its strong international orientation, CHIC Group is registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and its base is located in the great new development center in Pudong, Shanghai, China.

From its beginnings, with strong support from its international investors and advisory from California, CHIC Group's constant focus has been the development of professional and efficiently managed businesses in China that utilize the most advanced management techniques of the Western World.

The founders predicted the strong economic growth of China over a 50 year period and decided to form a professionally managed investment company in China with focus on capitalization, incubation, research & development and management.

CHIC Group started from its original base in distribution logistics to establish and invest in completely new businesses in fruit canning and processing, orthopedic medical products distribution, supply chain management, information systems and technology, and marketing and business design. In each of these business sectors, CHIC Group has now achieved remarkable success with excellent track records.

Based on this record of accomplishment in the China marketplace of over ten years, CHIC Group recently developed a further mission of incubating select small companies with real growth potential, support them with capital and management and assist them in rapid growth and becoming industry leaders.

Thanks to the fine combination of intelligence, culture and capital in CHIC Group and the continuing dynamism of the evolving Chinese free and open market economy system, CHIC Group is finding many more and more new business opportunities in its headquarters city of Shanghai, the economic heart of China.

Since its entry into Chinese business, CHIC Group has been committed to the search for small enterprises with development potential. As an investor in start-up and developing companies, CHIC Group supports these enterprises with more than just capital.

Our investment, strategic and management support enables these companies to determine the direction of their growth, to assist in setting their marketing strategy, to organize their operating systems, to develop their management to a high, internationally recognized standard and to absorb the ups and downs of rapid growth.

CHIC Group's start-up investment strategy is to integrate the unique characteristics of the Chinese business environment with the development and management skills of a modern global enterprise; to establish and develop small companies with growth potential and help them to succeed in domestic and international operations and markets; and to continuously achieve an increase in capital return.