CHIC Agritech is a solutions provider and specialist in fruit and vegetable farming, pest management and agricultural quality control.

Together with our strategic partners and global expert consultants, CHIC Agritech leverages our professional knowledge to bring precision and modern sustainable agricultural techniques to Chinese farming. We pursue and implement ecological, energy saving & carbon reducing practices that enhance environmental protection.

CHIC Agritech is actively engaged with local governments in helping to solve farming issues, influence the development of farming policies and in building up new ecological urban and rural environments.

Chic Agritech endeavors to become a leader in China’s modern agriculture industry. With 51,680 Mus of crop producing farmland under our management, we closely guide farmers to deliver safer, better and lower cost raw materials through sophisticated quality controls, efficient production methods and a sustainable approach.

Our staff of 54 assist farmers and demonstration orchards with the selection of superior crop varieties, the introduction of streamlined operations and mechanization that improve operational excellence and precision irrigation and fertigation; all guided by the GAP, IPM and environmental protection framework.

Chic Agritech has also developed a rigorous food safety and traceability system, the sophistication of which is unmatched in the industry. Through our SAFOOD program and GPS web-based technology, AgriTech has full supply-chain visibility and is able to quickly trace the origin of raw materials right back to the individual farmer and is able to access full pesticide use history.

  We are an international leader and also a
leader in China in the following industries:
  Fresh & Processed Food
  Pet Snacks
  Supply Chain Management
  Home & Garden
  Merchant Banking
  Medical Devices