At CHIC, we describe our Culture as Teamwork-based 4E SCRIP. That Culture is the unifying force which drives all our business units and supporting functions.
  The ability and desire to co-operate with other members in a team.
EVA Sense
  Mindset of EVA (Economic Value Added). Manage and make decision with EVA methodology to achieve the Mission of CHIC.
  Full of energy and a strong preference for actions. Possess great enthusiasm. The person has vigor and does not succumb to adversity. S/he has no fear of change, continuously learn and actively challenges new concepts.
  Competitive spirit, spontaneously driven, perseverance and firm willingness.
  Ability to deliver a positive outcome as a result of a plan. Leads the implementation of the action plan.
  Strictly abiding with the performance standards and deadlines set by the company without guidance or superior authority.
  Encompasses a combination of knowledge, skills and behaviours which drive outstanding performance.
  Act on your own personal accountability or ability even without guidance or supervision.
  Willing to share unique ideas and proven effective methods with others.
  Work with your heart, be willing to inspire others, enjoy working and demonstrate it.