Below employee events will give you a look at how we socialize together. We're athletes, artists, social citizenship and more. It may seem like just fun and games but really is our way of building motivation, teamwork and unity — attributes that ultimately help us serve our customers better.

Celebrating birthdays together

Every quarter CHIC organizes an Employee Birthday Party. Family members and friends of employees are welcome to participate in the birthday party. A birthday cake will be shared and a gift will also be presented to the employee who is celebrating his/her birthday.

Open Forum

As an internal platform, Open Forum helps CHIC employees get closer to our businesses by participating in projects. This will enable cross-functional cooperation. Employees are also encouraged to provide feedback and a specific topic is provided each quarter.

Staff Club

Currently, CHIC has three individual Staff Clubs ie Badminton, Swimming and Dancing. We have more than 30% participation rate from our employees. The purpose of the Club is to promote a healthier living through these activities and employees have fun together which also encourage teamwork across different functions in the organization.

Family Day

Every June 1st, on International Children’s Day, CHIC will organize  a “Family day” for those employees who have children. In 2010 CHIC selected a nice venue – EDAY town to organize “Little Talents” event and a total of 30 families joined in the fun. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful performance of CHIC Children, and the activity closed with a great Children Model Show.

Corporate Citizenship – Donation to Wen Chun earthquake

CHIC Group organized a donation from our employees to the devastating Sichuan earthquake in 2008. Our Medical business donated AIRCAST to the victims in Chongqing and our Foods business donated 2 containers of canned fruits to victims in the disaster. CHIC Group donated RMB 1.46 million to the Wen Chun earthquake.